Taking pictures at -70°C

styrofoam box, the base of my 4 heated camera boxes, the 110V heatpads can only be used in series, outerwise they will get too hot rechargable batteries as power supply for the camera, the 8V voltage controller and the heatpad batteries from a previous experiment, work great for powering the camera for about 2 days selfmade 8V voltage controller with dummy battery
thermostat controlled heating, the thermostat is from a pipe antifreeze set, so the temperature in the box is just above freezing tight fit with camera, battries, power supply for external monitior, heating etc. outside remote control, all outside wires have to be teflon, and a nut glued to the switch to ease operationd with big mittens pictureoutside-008 18-07-14
pictureoutside-007 18-07-14 pictureoutside-023 29-07-14 pictureoutside-022 29-07-14 very important, the external monitor which runs of a 9V power supply, it will work for the first few minutes, but continues power keeps it a bit warmer and it survived all the freezing so far ;)
with the camera in the box, you don't see where you pointing, so the external monitor helps to level the camera and then you can adjust your image while outside a cheap 5$ monitor will do the trick the lid is on, just the gap between lens and box has to be sealed pictureoutside-025 29-07-14
box is ready to go outside pictureoutside-027 29-07-14 mounting plate for the tracking mount, with to "pins" to help put it on the mount outside in the dark and cold old C8 tracking mount, the orignal motor stopped working, so I had to extend the housing to house a bigger motor
pictureoutside-002 09-07-14 pictureoutside-003 18-07-14 first test runs, with the varaible restistor one can adjust the speed of the traching, and the little gear box made by our machinist Matt heating for the mount, most of the heat pads are in series, like in the heated box, otherwise they would get too hot
the box after a day outside the mount after a day outside pictureoutside-013 29-07-14 taking long timelapse sequences
pictureoutside-029 30-07-14 me next to the mount behind our telescope pictureoutside-031 30-07-14 pictureoutside-032 30-07-14
pictureoutside-033 30-07-14 any tripod or moving parts exposed to the cold have to be degreased and then a special low tempratuer grease has to be applied normal grease just freezes up and it is like super glue at this temperatures tripod collection
camera and lens collection misc 03-14-013 27-03-14 a box independet from electrical power, only heated by two hot water bottles, but it will last for about 10h at -70&degC IMG 0341
another setup for movies of the telescope from the top of the groundshield again external monitor, is very important to adjust your image camera set up on tip of the groundshield, ready for a long timelapse of the telescope at sunset 1X3A0995
this can also happen, this lens and camera were on top of the roof as an all sky camera for 4 months, but everntually moisture was freezing inside the new setup has some heat applied to the lens as well and this problem hasn't reoccured