Welcome to my South Pole page.
This page will share some moments of the life here at the geographical South Pole.

I'm back at the Pole for my 11th year, again with a CMB (Cosmic Microwave Backgroud) experiment, called SPUD/KECK :)

Check out my latest experiences at 90° South.
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South Pole 2015

South Pole winter 2014 (my 10th year at the Pole)

South Pole winter 2013 (my 9th year at the Pole)

South Pole winter 2012 (my 8th year at the Pole)

South Pole summer-winter 2010/2011 (my 7th year at the Pole)

my short fame with esa

South Pole winter 2007 (my 6th year at the Pole)

South Pole winter 2006 (my 5th year)

South Pole summer-winter 2004/2005 (my 4th year)

Enter to South Pole 2002/2003 South Pole summer-winter 2002/2003 (my third year down at the Pole)

South Pole summer 1999/2000 (only a summer season this time)

South Pole winter 1998 (my second year)

South Pole summer-winter 1996/1997 (my first year down here)

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